20 Smart Ways To Get Quality Backlinks Easily

Quality Backlinks

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a major consideration for anyone who wants to get their website onto the first page of Google. Doing so drives more traffic and enhances the profitability of your website. To get quality backlinks have always been an important part of SEO. On the other hand, bad backlinks have the reverse effect on the overall SEO of the website. Building quality backlinks are not just pushing a button and VOILA… All the automated backlink builders are actually useless.

Building Quality Backlinks are not as simple as it once was, though. Here’s a list of top 20 ways to get quality backlinks for your website.

Top 20 Smart and Easy Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

1. Guest Blogging

Becoming a guest blogger is the best way to get quality backlinks. Find some high authority blogs within your niche and with a good amount of followers. Ask if you can post on their website. As per usual, you can post a link or two in your author biography at the bottom of the blog or relevant blog post link to the post. These are backlinks and since these are from a high authority website, those will pass link juice to your blog.
Beware of blogging on sites which have low followings and a history of spam. These backlinks will have a reverse effect.

2. Blog Commenting

Though it is a controversy among the bloggers that Blog Commenting can be used as a backlink building tactic or not, it actually works. While using this method, you should not adopt spam tactics to get backlinks. Read the topic first and then deliver a thoughtful and relevant comment. Though this method is not so effective as Guest Blogging, combine 100 comments together and it can influence your ranking for sure. To get quality backlinks, ensure you’re commenting on blogs which are relevant to your site’s subject area.

Mistakes to Avoid While Commenting on Other Blogs

3. Article Marketing

Article marketing is a tactic which has gone downhill since Google Panda and Google Penguin. It’s no longer the only answer to SEO. What you have to do is write a quality article and submit it to one of the more prominent article directories. Alternatively, you could build yourself a lens on Squidoo. The catch is you can’t afford to scrimp on the content. It’s best to take control of this yourself to avoid having fluff submitted to article directories in your name.

4. Social Media

Social media is the new SEO phenomenon on the horizon. Google value Facebook and Twitter because they know how many people use and trust them. Get people to share some of your links via social media to large followings. You can combine this with guest blogging as well. The blog owner will broadcast a link to the blog on their own social media accounts.

WordPress Plugins that Auto Post to Social Media

5. Directory Submissions

It’s an old-fashioned backlink building tactic, which is not ideal anymore. Closing down of two giant directories named Yahoo Directory and DMOZ Directory, the whole process of directory submission becomes risky. But, backlinks from some authority directory site will still help you. You just need to choose your directories correctly. As a general rule of thumb, avoid dealing with any directory past a MOZ spam score 4.

6. Press Releases

Press release submissions serve as one of the older and more traditional SEO methods. It’s one of the few methods of backlinking which have remained after Google Panda and Google Penguin. If done properly, you will be able to get quality backlinks from Press Release sites. Backlinks from press release sites have a higher value in the eyes of Google since they are posted on credible news outlets.

7. Forum Posting

We’ve already outlined how commenting on blogs is a great help for backlinks. The same principle applies to posting on forums. Leave your link in a signature and become an upstanding member of the community. Generally, you need to choose forums which are relevant to your niche. Pick a forum with a high level of authority. In other words, a forum with a high Google search engine ranking is the best option to get quality backlinks. Post relevant replies and add a few helpful links to help people along. As long as they’re useful, they have value.

8. Interlinking

So many people underestimate the value of interlinking of posts within the blogs. It’s not a major Backlink method, but Google acknowledges it. It not only passes link juice from one page to another but also helps in reducing bounce rate. That’s why popular websites can have multiple pages of their website on the first page of Google.

9. Free Stuff

Google ranks sites by how useful they are for users. Get quality Backlinks by linking to a freebie you have. For an example, you can make a beautiful free Blogger template or WordPress theme and put your site link as a credit on the footer part.

10. Document Sharing

You can use document sharing sites to get quality backlinks. Make pdf file of the great posts written by you and share those on those sites. This method is most beneficial because most of the document sharing sites provide do follow backlinks.

11. Testimonials

If you are using some products or services, as a loyal customer, you can send testimonials to those sites with a positive attitude. When your testimonials are added to their sites, to prove, you are a real person, they will put a link to your site. This is another smart way to get quality backlinks.

12. Broken Link

This technique involves contacting a webmaster or site owner to report broken links on his/her website and recommend your blog post link to replace that link. The first step is to search for an authority website within your niche and search for broken links using Google Chrome plugin Domain Hunter Plus. You can even dig more by checking the past appearance of those links using web.archive.org. Research the subject matter and write your own and contact the webmaster of the site with a most appealing tone.

13. Web Review Service

Plenty of sites out there that provides website review and feedback for free. Submit your blog to those sites. You need to submit your site with a little description of how you want to improve it. You will have a nice do follow link on the website feedback page.

14. Q&A Sites

Sign up for the most popular Q&A sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers. Search for your niche related topics and try to answer questions asked by different users. While doing this keep in mind that, you should not try to spam. Try to build some reputation by answering relevant, in-depth, and thoughtful answers and put your link cleverly.

15. Blogging Communities

Submit your blog to the blogging communities such as Blog EngageBizsugarInbound etc. These sites have a large number of users who love to read blogs. This wider community can help you get a few excellent links back to your blog. You should be an active member there to earn those backlinks.

16. Competitor Backlink Stealing

This another smart way to get quality backlinks. Search in Google for the Keyword you want to rank for and pick the top 10 results. Those are your top competitors. Dig into their backlink profiles using Ahrefs. A comprehensive study will let you know their source of backlinks, how did they make it, and your opportunities to build similar links.

17. Create Infographics

Creating infographics is a powerful way to get quality backlinks. People love images and love to share them too. Infographics have a significantly higher social share count and generate much more backlinks. You can even offer the infographic as a guest post to the bloggers within your niche. Infographics have a higher rate of approval for a guest post.

18. Review Products

Review the products you love to use with a positive attitude. Product companies might link back to your content as a third party review on their product page.

19. Link Reclamation

Find websites that have mentioned you or your website, but didn’t link back to you. You can do it by using BuzzSumoMention.net. Reach to the webmaster or site owner by dropping a mail to insert your site link. Be careful while doing this. You should have to approach with a polite attitude.

20. Interview and Be Interviewed

Interview other bloggers within your niche and publish as posts. Similarly, ask others to be interviewed. This way you will end up promoting each other’s sites and building some quality backlinks.

To Sum Up

That’s all for today. Building quality backlinks is not an easy task. Moreover, only attention towards building backlinks will not help you if your blog is in short of resources. Remember, ‘Content is King’. Good contents are more likely to be shared by others and hence more likely to get quality backlinks automatically.

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If you have some other ideas to get quality backlinks, kindly share a comment. If this post helped you, please don’t hesitate to share with others.

Happy Blogging!!

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