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As a blogger everyone get confused while choosing the blogging platform. Whether to choose Blogger or WordPress. Both the platforms are definitely great and most widely used. It depends upon the future planning of the blogger to make the right choice. Both Blogger and WordPress( are free blogging platforms and easy to use. Another option you can adopt is a Self Hosted WordPress( site. Self hosted wordpress is nothing but a wordpress blog hosted by your own hosting account. In this article I am going to discuss the pros and cons of these platforms.

Free Blogging Platforms – Blogger and WordPress

Both Blogger and WordPress( are free blogging services. They have some advantages as well as disadvantages too.


  • Easy to use interface: Free blogging platforms are easy to use. As a newbie it will take less than an hour to understand the features of the platforms.
  • Free Space: These services offers free space for your blog. Blogger and WordPress offer 1GB and 3GB free space respectively for your blog.
  • Custom Domain: You can choose a custom domain for your blog. You can purchase a domain for your blogspot blog for a minimum of $10/Year. While, wordpress offers custom domain and mapping for a minimum of $18.
  • Themes: There are various themes or templates available for both platforms for your blog.


  • Control: There is a lack of control over your blog due to free service. You can customize your blog to a certain limit using a free platform.
  • Rank & Reputation: As a free blogger it is tough to build reputation, as people always love to read contents of a top level domain name with self hosting rather than a free subdomain with free hosting service. It will influence your ranking too due to lack of traffic.
  • Security: There is a lack of security due to free service. Service provider may terminate your account at any time due to violation of their policies. And once your blog is blocked, you will lose everything.
  • Storage: Limited storage available for your blog. If you are a serious blogger, the free space provided will not be enough for you.

Self Hosted WordPress Blog

If you a serious blogger, there is another option available for you. Self hosted WordPress( blog will give you much power and freedom as a professional blogger. Various features available for a Self Hosted WordPress blog are as follows,

  • Control: You will have complete control over your blog.
  • Security: You will have complete security for your blog. While using free blogging platforms you need to obey certain rules & policies determined by the service provider. Failing to which may increase the chances of being banned. Self hosted WordPress blog will give you complete freedom.
  • Reputation: Own hosting and domain will definitely help you to build reputation. It will prove your dedication towards blogging. It will provide a brand name for your blog.
  • Templates & Design: You will have complete freedom to design your blog with custom templates and coding with lots of features.
  • Advertising: Advertisers will be attracted towards your blog as you are a dedicated blogger. Moreover, various publisher programs don’t accept blogs with free blogging platforms due to lack of quality. Therefore, with a self hosted WordPress blog you will have the opportunities to earn through your blog.
  • Plugins: The most valuable feature of WordPress is the large volume of plugins available to minimize the load of designing your blog. While using free platforms like Blogspot you will need to spend a lot of time for customizing your template for various design purposes as well as SEO purposes. But with WordPress plugins those works will be done with a single click. You can check the 10 Must have plugins for wordpress.


If you are a newbie it is recommended that, you first start your blogging career with a free platform like Blogspot or WordPress( When you feel that you are all set with your niche and you can continue your blog with some great & innovative ideas, switch your blog to a self hosted wordpress blog and make your first step towards a pro blogger. You can choose any one of the reputed hosting services like BlueHost, Godaddy etc for this purpose. This blog is hosted using Godaddy. You can receive 20% OFF on all hosting accounts using the link provided below,

Good Luck!

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