Elegant Themes Review 2021 – Honest Look at Pros and Cons

So you have decided to give your blog a new and stunning makeover. You might be stuck in choosing the right theme for your blog and just wondering, is Elegant Themes still worth the money and hype!

Every newbie blogger will opt for free WordPress themes, simply because they’re either low on budget or it’s super easy to find one from thousands of free themes available on the net.

But, as time passes every blogger will feel the need for a premium theme like Elegant Themes. It might be due to support quality or features and functionality.

That’s the beauty of WordPress. Due to its popularity, it makes it all worthwhile for theme designers to craft the next best themes to serve the large WordPress community. However, finding the right theme can be a tiresome search. Sure, you can google for WordPress themes any time of the day and you’ll be going back and forth demoing all the themes.

But when you are faced with choices, how often do you make the right choice?

In this Elegant Themes review post, we will check every important aspect which will help in making a fair decision.

Elegant Themes Overview

Elegant Themes is operating for the last 12 years and has a solid customer base. To date, it has served almost 700k customers and counting. Nick Roach’s one-man startup has now turned into a company with 105 team members in 20 different countries.

These statistics show how popular Elegant Themes is. Elegant Themes is not just a WordPress theme, it is a subscription that offers two high-end WordPress themes and three powerful WordPress plugins within it.

Previously Elegant Themes has introduced more than 87 WordPress themes under their subscription, but in recent years it has focused on two WordPress themes namely DIVI WordPress Theme and Extra Magazine Theme to maintain quality and competition. Along with these superb themes, they are continuously improving their three powerful plugins namely Divi Builder, Bloom Email Optin, and Monarch Social Share.

The best thing about Elegant Themes is that you do not need to purchase these themes as well as plugins separately. All these five powerful tools are bundled within their annual subscription plan which starts at as low as $89/Year. Moreover, you can get all these products and their future products for a lifetime at $249.

WordPress Themes from Elegant Themes

Though Elegant Themes promises to provide access to 87 premium themes as a subscriber, however, there are practically two themes namely Divi and Extra on which Elegant Themes is continuously working. Other themes are pretty outdated and going to be retired soon.

In this section of Elegant Themes Review, let’s have a closer look at these two themes,

Divi – A Multipurpose Theme

The Divi theme came around 2013. It is the flagship theme from Elegant Themes and it is one of the most popular WordPress Premium themes. Divi is a purely multipurpose theme that has the ability to create almost any kind of website.

Divi - Elegant Themes Review

Divi theme is packed with a drag and drop Divi theme builder which is probably the most advanced page builder for WordPress. This theme builder is actually a plugin that comes with the Elegant Themes subscription.

With a large library of high-quality templates and a powerful content editor, Divi is no doubt a powerful premium theme to consider for your website.

Let’s have a look at some awesome features and functionality that Divi offers,

Large Library of High Quality Templates

Divi comes with a large library of high-quality templates that helps in creating a website of any kind. These templates cover a wide range of projects, from a Restaurant Website to a Design Agency and Ecommerce Stores to a Non-Profit Organization Website.

Divi Layout Library - Elegant Themes Review

You will probably find templates related to every aspect of an online business. Divi comes with pre-made layout packs that have been designed for a specific type of website. These packs generally include homepage, about, contact, and landing page templates, and that gives you a quick way to start your new online venture with all the content you might need.

All layouts are editable and you can easily make necessary changes according to your need and start in no time.

Powerful Content Editor

Divi theme is packed with the awesome page builder plugin called Divi Builder. Divi builder helps in creating eye-catching designs from scratch.

Divi Content Builder - Elegant Themes Review

Using Divi builder you can customize layouts by inserting rows and columns as per your need. You can build your preferred layout using various modules available including call-to-action buttons, sliders, and video players, and many more.

Anything you create using Divi builder can be saved as reusable assets via Global Module feature that can be used in the future, which can definitely save your time.

All aspects of your content can be customized through the Divi Builder interface, giving you full control over the design of your posts and pages.

Divi Theme Builder

Unlike other premium themes, the Divi theme allows you to customize the other parts of your site, such as the header, footer, and theme templates.

Divi Theme Builder - Elegant Themes Review

Being a Divi user you are no longer restricted to the content areas. You will be able to customize the whole appearance of the theme. Thanks to the Theme Builder feature.

The awesome Theme Builder not only lets you customize the header and footer design but you can also create custom templates for blog posts, products, pages, etc. You can create separate templates for separate categories where you can choose what content from each blog post is displayed, such as the title, featured image, metadata, etc.

When you modify a module’s default design, it updates across your whole website at once. Thus modification of the global theme style becomes easy with the Divi Theme Builder feature.

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Extra Theme – Blog and Magazine Theme

Extra is a comparatively newest theme from Elegant Themes. It has been introduced after the success of the Divi theme.

Extra Theme - Elegant Themes Review

While Divi is a purely multipurpose theme, which can be used to build any kind of website, Extra is dedicated to the bloggers and online publishers. If you are looking for a theme that is capable of building a blog or news and magazine-style website, Extra could be your perfect choice.

This fully responsive theme is eCommerce ready and a perfect fit for blogs that deal with ratings and reviews of products.

Let’s have a closer look at the features and functionality offered by this awesome theme from Elegant Themes,

Pre-built Content and Layouts

Extra Theme comes with a huge library of pre-built content and layouts. You can choose from 178 custom website layouts and within that 1319 total individual layouts. This is no doubt a huge library of pre-built layouts and you will definitely find one that fits your need.

Divi Pre Made Layout Packs

Every layout pack consists of the essential templates that your site is likely to need, such as the home, about, contact, and other page templates. However, you are allowed to redesign and mix contents as per your need.

Perfect Choice for Bloggers and Online Publishers

The Extra theme has been introduced by Elegant Themes to target bloggers and online publishers to build their websites with ease. The main goal of Extra is to let your content take center stage.

Extra Post Formats - Elegant Themes Review

Instead of using the default WordPress editor for publishing content, Extra is integrated with layouts, elements, and effects to publish long-form content on your website, in a range of formats.

The Extra theme is capable of designing story-driven blog posts that your readers love to read. 

Integration of Divi Builder

The Extra theme is the first theme from Elegant Themes that have been introduced just after the introduction of Divi builder as a standalone plugin.

Extra Theme Divi Builder

Like the Divi theme, Divi builder is also integrated with the Extra Theme and you can create custom layouts for your posts and pages using it. You will have access to the front-end visual interface of Divi Builder to design your pages with ease.

Being a powerful page builder for WordPress, integration of Divi builder with an Extra theme is an added incentive. The Divi Builder includes over 40 customizable modules that can be inserted into your own page layouts.

Custom Widgets

To make the navigation smoother and to help website visitors to discover related contents, Extra theme integrates some useful custom widget locations.

The following widgets can be inserted into any of the supported areas of the theme,

  • Main Sidebar
  • Product Sidebar
  • Footer Sidebar Left
  • Footer Sidebar Middle
  • Footer Sidebar Right

You can use widgets to display Advert display, Front-end login form, List of authors, Recent Posts, Recent reviews, Social network followers, and much more.

Publish Review and Rating with Ease

The Extra theme is integrated with a professional review builder tool. If you wish to publish product reviews on your website, you can do it with ease.

The Extra theme adds a custom Review Box Contents input box at the end of the WordPress post editor. You can publish a nice summary of a review about a product or service you wish.

Extra Review Box - Elegant Themes Review

This review box is capable of adding a Title for your review, a summary of the review, and categorized rating, each with their own score as a percentage.

You can even enable user ratings for any post you’ve published. This gives your readers the ability to review and add feedback.

Other Themes from Elegant Themes

You might have noticed that within their pricing plan Elegant Themes offers 87 themes. You might wonder, what are those and why I am not talking about all those.

Well, in the long run Elegant Themes has produced 87 themes which you will get within their subscription. But, from 2014 Elegant Themes started giving effort to only two themes which I have mentioned above and the other themes are still on place without having much updates. And, sooner or later those going to retire.

WordPress Plugins from Elegant Themes

Apart from creating beautiful themes, Elegant Themes also created some powerful plugins which are part of their subscription plans. However, if you are not interested in their themes, you can even use their plugins with other themes too.

Like the themes, plugins from Elegant Themes are also being praised over the years. These plugins are really powerful to replace some other popular plugins within the same category.

In this section of Elegant Themes Review, let’s check whether plugins are worthy or not.

Divi Builder Plugin

As mentioned earlier in the theme review section, the Divi builder plugin is the core plugin that Elegant Themes offer within their subscription. Apart from using this Divi builder plugin with the themes from Elegant Themes, it can be used as a standalone plugin with any other theme or framework.

Divi Builder from Elegant Themes Review

Divi Builder is an advanced page builder plugin and a drag and drops visual editor. If you are looking for a plugin that gives you more control over how your site looks, the Divi Builder plugin might be the best option.

Let’s look at the features that Divi Builder provides being a standalone plugin,

Front-end Visual Editor

The main drawback of a backend editor is that you need to switch between editor and preview page every time you make a change, and you really don’t have any idea how your page is going to look without previewing it.

Front-end Divi Builder - Elegant Themes Review

On the other hand, Divi gives you the freedom to design your page layout just from the front-end. With Divi Builder, you will be editing the front end of your website through a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) environment.

However, if you need a back-end editor, Divi has a solution for it too. With wireframe mode, you will have a good overview of the layout of your page and which modules are in use. You can quickly drag things around and adjust the layout without the content of the modules getting in the way.

Huge Library of Pre-made Layouts

Divi Builder has a huge library of pre-made layouts and it is growing day by day. At this time of writing this review, there are 178 Pre-made Layout Packs and 1319 Total Layouts.

Divi Pre-Made Layout Packs

You can have almost every possible website layouts depending upon your category. And each layout pack consists of the most essential page layouts like Home, Contact, About, Portfolio, etc. Loading a pre-made layout pack can give you full website design in no time. 

Divi Single Layout Pack

40+ Website Elements

Divi Builder consists of 40+ useful web elements and modules that can be easily inserted into your page layout. These modules make website development easy.

Divi Builder Modules - Elegant Themes Review

All the modules of Divi Builder are designed so perfectly that you can easily insert to your pages to have a great designing experience. 

Each module can be adjusted and customized to your preference. These modules can be moved by drag and drop within pages. They can also be saved for reuse.

Divi Builder Lead Testing Tool

Divi Builder comes with a tool that lets you do split testing to evaluate your website. By using the Divi Leads A/B testing and conversion optimization tool, you can try out different content and design variations to check the conversion rate.

You can use Divi Leads to present different versions of your page to different visitors. Divi Leads will tell how effective each tested variant is.

You can test different button styles with different text and check the result in terms of impressions, clicks, and click-through rates. The report is simple yet powerful enough to test visitors’ behavior. 

Easy Contact Form Builder

Divi builder is integrated with a contact form builder that is capable of building simple and complex contact form as well. You do not need a separate contact form plugin to make beautiful contact forms for your site.

Divi Contact Form Builder

 You can add checkboxes, radio buttons, and even dropdown within your contact forms. Moreover, from enabling spam protection to auto-reply email, you can customize them right from the front-end form builder.

Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin

Email marketing is the most effective way of building a brand and increasing sales. In order to send customized emails to users of your site, you need to collect the emails first. Here comes the benefit of using email opt-in plugins.

Bloom from Elegant Themes is one of the most advanced email opt-in plugin available on the market. This plugin lets you create beautiful email opt-in forms and display them in various locations on your WordPress site. It helps you to turn your website visitors into email subscribers and boosts your site conversions.

Let’s check what Bloom offers being a premium email opt-in plugin,

6 Different Types of Opt-in Forms

Bloom offers 6 different types of opt-in forms. These varieties of forms ensure the high conversion of visitors to email subscribers.

Bloom Opt-in Form Types - Elegant Themes Review

With each display type, you can show opt-in forms in different styles and locations as follows,

  1. Automatic Opt-In Pop-Up: This option lets you create automatic opt-in pop-ups that can be triggered by timed delays.
  2. Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins: Like automatic opt-in pop-up, Fly-ins are also can be triggered by user interaction such as timed delays or at the end of a page.
  3. In-line Opt-In Forms: This option can be enabled by placing a shortcode anywhere inside the post editor.
  4. Below Content Opt-In Forms: Within this option Bloom allows you to automatically place opt-in forms below your post or page content. Best fit for blog posts and content-heavy pages.
  5. Widget Area Opt-In Forms: This opt-in form can be placed anywhere inside your widget are such as the sidebar or footer.
  6. Require Opt-In To Unlock Content: This option works best for the premium contents. It forces your visitors to become subscribers.

Various Triggering Rules

Bloom offers various triggering rules to control when and where your email opt-in forms appear. These triggering rules are based on specific user interaction.

Let’s check what are these triggering rules that Bloom offers,

  • Time Delay: You can choose a timed delay for your pop-ups and fly-ins so that they trigger after the website visitors have been on a page for a specific duration of time.
  • Bottom of Post: Bloom auto detects when a user reaches the bottom of a page and give your readers an option to subscribe.
  • After Scrolling: This method can trigger the opt-in form after a user scrolls down to a specific percentage of the page.
  • After Commenting: This triggering option can display an opt-in form to the readers just after they comment.
  • After Purchasing: This option can trigger an opt-in form for purchasing visitors right after the checkout process.
  • After Inactivity: If a user is inactive for a certain amount of time, Bloom can bring back his attention by showing an opt-in form.

19 Most Popular Email Marketing Integrations

Bloom helps you collect more email subscribers, but it doesn’t actually send email newsletters for you. For that, you’ll need to signup for an email marketing service.

Bloom gives you the freedom to choose your most preferred email marketing service. It is integrated with the 19 most popular email marketing services.

Bloom Email Marketing Integration

Let’s check in the list below whether your service is supported or not,

  1. ActiveCampaign
  2. AWeber
  3. CampaignMonitor
  4. Constant Contact
  5. ConvertKit
  6. Emma
  7. Feedblitz
  8. GetResponse
  9. HubSpot
  10. iContact
  11. Infusionsoft
  12. MadMimi
  13. MailChimp
  14. MailerLite
  15. MailPoet
  16. Mailster
  17. Ontraport
  18. SalesForce
  19. SendinBlue

100+ Pre-made Templates and Customization Option

Bloom has 100+ pre-made opt-in form templates and each of them has a unique design and professional touch. You can start using any of them in no time.

However, you have the freedom to design your own template. You just need to choose a design and customize as per your requirement.

Bloom Opt-in Form Templates - Elegant Themes Review

The design options allow you to customize almost every aspect of the form, including the title, message, image, effects, fonts, borders, and the various built-in form fields. You can even use your own custom CSS if required.

Monarch Social Media Plugin

Monarch from Elegant Themes is one of the best social media sharing plugins from WordPress in the market. Monarch is bundled with everything that needed to increase your social shares.

Monarch is versatile, beautifully designed and so much compelling that it helps to push your visitors to share your content. It offers so much flexibility that you can add sharing buttons wherever you want.

Monarch comes with lots of exciting options to help you display the sharing and follow buttons on your WordPress site. Let’s have a look at these features.

Over 20 Social Media Networks to Choose From

Monarch gives you the freedom to choose from the huge list of most popular social media platforms to maximize your sharing.

Monarch Social Media Networks - Elegant Themes Review

You can choose from more than 20 social sharing networks to display on your website to create a custom collection of sharing options for your visitors. You can also be able to show the follower count of your 35 social media accounts.

5 Different Locations for Sharing Buttons

Different types of websites, pages need different types of sharing options. Monarch efficiently looks after that. Monarch comes with several unique locations for displaying social sharing and follow buttons.

Monarch Button Locations

Using Monarch, you can choose from 5 different locations for sharing buttons,

  1. Floating Sidebar: This option lets you add social sharing icons to any page on your website’s side edge.
  2. Above & or Below Content: It lets you add sharing buttons above and below your content such as blog post.
  3. On Images and Videos: Monarch lets you apply different sharing options for your images and videos.When users hover over media elements within your content social sharing buttons fade in for quick and easy sharing.
  4. Automatic Pop-Ups: Monarch lets you create automatic sharing pop-ups that can be triggered by timed delays, such as when a user reaches the bottom of a post or page and even upon leaving a page.
  5. Automatic Fly-ins: Just like automatic pop-ups, Monarch lets you create automatic fly-ins and that too can be triggered by time delays.

Customizable Design

Monarch lets you customize the design your social sharing buttons by choosing from various Button Shapes, Colors, & Hover Effects etc. You can customize how your social share and follower buttons look by displaying the network names and or the individual or total share or follow counts.

You can use native network color or pick your own. By default, the button colors will be that of the native colors of each social network. For a more custom appearance, you can pick custom colors for the button and icon colors for both before and on hover.

Powerful Dashboard

Everything related to the Monarch plugin can be controlled from the beautifully designed dashboard. The custom panel in the WordPress dashboard lets you access to your Monarch settings, stats, and data.

Monarch Dashboard - Elegant Themes Review

Along with basic appearance, Monarch lets you customize other display settings like Sidebar Orientation, Share Count Display, Animation, etc.

Within the dashboard, Monarch provides you with detailed analytics to keep track of the shares and follows from your visitors.

Elegant Themes Support and Documentation

While using digital products like WordPress Themes and Plugins, support and updates are the two basic requirements. How awesome a theme or plugin might be, without a proper support system and regular updates, it is useless.

Many theme builders fail just because of not being supportive enough or lack essential updates. But, fortunately, Elegant Themes does its job perfectly.

You would experience the best support being a club member of Elegant Themes. Their support system operates in various ways like direct messaging, online chat, forum, etc.

Elegant Themes products are updated in a regular manner. They have a nice synchronization with WordPress core updates. You’ll also get routine updates that improve security and come with more advanced features.

Elegant Themes manages proper documentation of their themes and plugins. They have a large collection of knowledge base articles. You can even join their Facebook Group with almost 58k Divi users. 

Elegant Themes Pricing

In this section of Elegant Themes Review, let’s check their plans and prices.

Membership of Elegant Themes has two options as follows,

Yearly Access ($89/Year): With yearly access, you will have access to Divi, Extra, Divi Builder, Bloom, and Monarch. You will also have access to hundreds of website packs, product updates, and premium support for one year. All the products can be used on an unlimited number of websites.

Lifetime Access ($249 – One Time): With lifetime access, you will have access to Divi, Extra, Divi Builder, Bloom, Monarch, and all future products. You will also have access to hundreds of website packs, product updates, and premium support for a lifetime. All the products can be used on an unlimited number of websites.

Elegant Themes Pricing

If somehow you are not satisfied with the products and services offered by them, you can opt for their 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Elegant Themes Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect! In this section of Elegant Themes Review, I am listing the Pros and Cons so that you can decide further.



  • Bundled with Two Premium WordPress Themes
  • Three powerful plugins are within the package
  • Divi Builder – The most powerful WordPress Page Builder.
  • A large collection of Pre-Built Layout Packs
  • User-Friendly and Clean Interface
  • Bloom Plugins makes your Email Marketing easy
  • Monarch is one of the best social Sharing Plugin in the market.
  • No coding skills needed. Everything can be done by dragging and dropping
  • All the plugins work with other 3rd parties Themes
  • A lot of resources with less price – value for money
  • The migration from Elegant Themes to some other theme might mess up your site layout and it will take some time to rearrange things around
  • Having a lot of features, Elegant Themes takes time to learn each and every feature

Final Thoughts on Elegant Themes Review

If you want to take your blog to the next level that will guarantee an increase in your readership level and subscriber base, right now it’s time to think about what you can do to differentiate yourself among the crowd.

What makes Elegant Themes stand out from the crowd is having their own page builder. All the other themes are dependent on third-party page builders like Elementor. Divi Page Builder is no doubt one of the most advanced page builders available on the market.

If you are looking for a theme that is capable of developing any kind of website, or you need a plugin that can give your existing site a brand new look, the subscription package that Elegant Themes offers might be a perfect fit for you.

Besides, unlimited access for only $89.00 per year for all the premium themes and plugins, Elegant themes offers without any doubt pure value for money. Sign up today using our Special Discount link below,

If this Elegant Themes Review seems helpful to you, please do not hesitate to share. If you have used it earlier, please let us know about your experiences in the comment section.

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