How to Set Up Google Analytics for Blogger Blog

Google Analytics

As a successful Blogger or Website owner you must analyze your visitor’s trends regularly. From what country they come from, to which page they land the most, how many come from search engines etc – this types of analysis are most important to make your website climb higher. Google Analytics is a great tool to help you in this aspect. Google Analytics not only gives you the above said data, but also provide you a real time analytics.  Here is an easy tutorial for setting up Google Analytics for Blogger.

How to link Your website to Google Analytics?


  • Go to Google Analytics [Here]
  • Sign In with your GMail Account
  • Go to Admin > Administration
  • Create a new account
Link Your Blogger Bolg/Website to Google Analytics
  • Set up your website with all required fields
Link Your Blogger Bolg/Website to Google Analytics
  • Click ‘Get Tracking ID
  • You will get a Tracking Id as below,
Link Your Blogger Bolg/Website to Google Analytics
  • Just below the Tracking ID there will be a Tracking Code like below, which you have to add in your blogger template,
Link Your Blogger Bolg/Website to Google Analytics
  • Copy the Tracking Code
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Your Blog > Template > Edit HTML
  • Search for
  • Paste the Tracking Code just above/before tag
  • Save the template
  • After few hours Google Analytics will start receiving data from your blog & Status will be shown as Tracking Installed/Receiving Data
You may also add the Tracking ID as follows,
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Your Blog > Settings > Other
  • Scroll down & you will see Google Analytics Web Property option like below,
Blogger Settings Google Analytics
  • Here you can add your Tracking ID
  • Save Settings.
This is how you can link up your Blogger Blog/Website with Google Analytics and easily track your website’s traffic.

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