Jetpack by WordPress – Single plugin that can replace 15+ plugins

Jetpack by WordPress

The best part of WordPress CMS that attracts users is the Plugins available to supercharge a website or blog. Though plenty of platforms out there offer the plugin feature, But offers a huge numbers of quality plugins with easy to use interfaces, robust functionality and these are updated regularly.

Though plugins improve functionality and appearance of a website and reduces tedious works like self coding and designing, but we can’t effort a lot of plugins in a single site which will make the database as well as pages heavier and will slow down the entire site.

Jetpack by WordPress is a mega plugin that can replace functionalities of 15+ plugins. The best thing about this plugin is that it is Free of Cost. The best and essential functionalities offered by Jetpack are as follows,

1. Stats

Using this functionality a user can track the website statistics by connecting to It is too important for a website owner or blogger to track down the daily page views and what keyword is bringing more visitors.

2. Publicize

It is always been a time-consuming activity to share the recent posts in Social Networking sites manually. Jetpack has made this simpler by adding the functionality to connect Social Networking accounts with the website. After publication of a new post Jetpack will automatically share the post over Social Networking sites that are connected with it.

3. Jetpack Comments

Jetpack Comments replaces the built-in comment system by integrating social media login option. This makes the comment system more user-friendly.

4. Subscription

Turning this functionality on will allow visitors to subscribe to posts and comments to receive notification via email.

5. Carousel

If you use more than one images in your posts, than this feature will really help you. This will convert your standard image galleries in to an immersive full screen experience.

6. Post by Email

If your posting frequency is high or if you are unable to connect to your regular dashboard due to some unavoidable circumstances, this functionality will definitely help you. You can publish posts to your blog directly from your personal email account.

7. Sharing

Sharing feature provided by Jetpack is another great way to promote your blog. It allows visitors to share content over the internet through various social networking sites.

8. Related Post

If your template haven’t coded for showing related posts below the post section, this feature can do it for you. It will add a related post widget just below the post section.

9. Spelling and Grammar

After the Deadline is a language checker for the websites with Contextual Spell Checking, Advanced Style Checking, Intelligent Grammar Checking options. Jetpack has integrated this service to offer spelling and grammar correction module within the plugin.

10. Contact Form

Contact Form feature eliminates the necessity of third-party Contact Form plugin for your WordPress site. With the help of Jetpack you can easily insert and customize simple contact forms for your posts and pages.

11. Short-links

No need to use third-party URL shortening service like ‘’ to shorten your post’s URL to share your contents. Jetpack has its own module to shorten your posts URL for sharing purposes.

12. Mobile Theme

In this era of SmartPhones we can’t ignore the visitors from mobile devices. In order to load your website properly on the mobile devices your website must have a mobile theme with optimized scripts. Jetpack will automatically convert your desktop site to a mobile site when accessed through a mobile device.

13. Google+ Profile

This feature automatically add the link to your Google+ profile showing how many people are in circle just below the post section. Also it links back your website to the Google+ profile page.

14. Photon

Photon is’s own Content Delivery Network. When you turn on this feature, images uploaded to your website will automatically loaded from CDN and will boost up the website loading speed.

15. VaultPress

VaultPress is a backup and security service for WordPress sites. It provides automated daily backup, security scan with repair option. Though it is not a free service, but affordable enough.
And many more features can be obtained from this single plugin. It is a good idea indeed to start using Jetpack by WordPress to supercharge your blog or website.

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