Make Money Creating a Free Blog on Blogspot

Make Money Free Blog Blogspot

Thinking of making money online without investment and without getting scammed by Getting Rich Quick Video courses, it’s time to make a free blog on Blogspot blogging platform and start earning from your valuable contents. This post is definitely not for those who are already settled up in blogging but might be helpful for a newbie blogger.

No doubt Self Hosted WordPress blog is a far better option for blogging, but as a newbie blogger, you can not dive into a harsh world of blogging without having certain pieces of knowledge. Moreover, you should not invest in purchasing domain names and hosting at first as blogging might not work for you. So, it is a better idea to try for free Blogspot blog first just like a software trial.

There are a lot of free blogging platforms, but trying is a better idea as you will have an advantage in applying for Adsense (Giant Ad Network). Blogspot (also known as Blogger) is owned by Google. Therefore, Adsense account associated with is a hosted account, and being approved by Google for a Hosted Adsense account is far easy than a Non-Hosted AdSense account.

You can accumulate some knowledge of blogging and upgrade your blogging experience by migrating your blog to self-hosted WordPress blog later. But, if you feel that you do not need a free one and willing to do this professionally then you may opt for our Free WordPress Blog Setup Service.

However, it is always a better idea to try first. And you do not need to invest to try.

Steps for Creating A Free Blog on

Sign Up for

In order to create a free blog on Blogspot, you need to sign up for a Blogspot profile. Open and log in using your existing Google account or creating a new account. You will be redirected to a profile creation page, where you will have two options to choose. You may choose a Google+ Profile or a limited Blogger Profile.

Profile Selection Blogspot

I recommend choosing the first one as it will increase your social presence and brand identity later. Create your Google+ or Blogger profile with your name and head over to the next step.

Create a New Blogspot Blog

As soon as you are redirected to the Blog Setup page, click on ‘Create New Blog’ button. Provide a Title for your new blog and check you your desired subdomain name for availability. Avoid using ANYTHING as your domain name, besides, choose a domain name that is related to your blog’s purpose so that you can easying migrate it to a custom domain name at a later stage.

Name Your Blog BlogspotChoose a free theme available there and click on ‘Create Blog’ button. Don’t worry, you can change your theme as per your requirement later. Your all new blog is ready to rock.

Basic Settings for Your Blogspot Blog

You are still a step away from publishing your first post. You will have to perform some basic setup before your first post.

Set a Description: Head over to Settings > Basic. Write a little description about your blog in one sentence. Shorter is better.

Comment Moderation: Head over to Settings > Posts, Comments and Sharing Settings. Set Comment Moderation to ‘Always’ to help to prevent spam comments.

Search Preferences: Head over to Settings > Search Preferences. Set Meta Description for your blog by writing a compelling summary of what your blog is all about. Meta description could be up to 320 characters. Try to put your focus keywords in the meta description as Search engines show the meta description in search results mostly when the searched phrase is contained in the description.

Further, you can connect your blog to Google Search Console by clicking ‘Edit’ option in Google Search Console section. Simply sign in with your blogger email id and add your Blogspot blog.

Create Basic Pages: Go to the ‘Pages’ section and create an ‘About’ page describing who you are and what your blog is about. Further, you can add ‘Contact’ page too.

Change Template: You can change the previously selected template of your Blogspot blog to a nice looking and professional template. Head over to Dashboard > Theme, click on ‘Edit HTML’ option and paste your new theme codes.

Launch Your Blogspot Blog

Now you are all set to launch your Blogspot blog. Head over to blogger dashboard and click on new post. Give a compelling title for your blog post and write your post. Set some labels for your post and hit publish. That’s it!

Bottom Line

This guide is definitely dedicated to newbie bloggers who are searching for how to blog without investment and make some cash. Go ahead and create your first Blogspot blog within minutes by following the above tutorial. If you are benefitted from this post, please do not hesitate to share and care for us.

Happy Blogging!

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