Mistakes to Avoid While Commenting on Other Blogs

Mistakes to Avoid while commenting


Previously we have discussed how effectively the practice of commenting on other blogs increases the reputation or value of your own. It helps to build your own brand name, building relationships, increasing traffic etc.

But, sometimes in hurry of building quick Backlinks to their own blog, many bloggers make some silly mistakes while commenting on other blogs. This mistakes can easily hurt the reputation of a blog as well as the brand name. We are here to share our knowledge, to discuss something we know or seeking knowledge. A comment is a part of a discussion. Therefore, we should be careful while commenting. Some silly mistakes made by many bloggers are as follows,

To be a Good Commentator you must be a Good Reader too

It is important to read the article as well as previous comments carefully while commenting. Otherwise, the comment may be flagged as a spam comment by the administrator.

Why you are Anonymous while you have a Real Name

Some of our fellow bloggers try to hide their real name while commenting and try to comment as an anonymous user. This is really a bad habit. Nobody likes to read the opinions of an anonymous user as he/she is not confident enough to share his identity.

Concentrate on the Comment, not on the Signature for Backlink

Excessive use of signatures proves you a blogger, who is not interested in the topic but interested in building some quick Backlinks. It is not a good idea to leave a link to your blog in your comment in addition to the link field that bloggers allow you to link to your blog. Otherwise, the comment may not be approved & it will be a waste of time.

Are you a Terrorist, why you are Hijacking the Thread?

Thread hijacking is a serious offense. It is nothing but diverting the original topic and making the whole discussion useless. This types of comments are not usually approved by the administrator. If somehow the comment is approved, it will not only be annoying to others but also will harm your reputation and brand name.

If you do not have Time, why you are Commenting?

It is a better idea to avoid short comments like ‘Nice Post’, ‘Great Post’, ‘Thanks for the post’ etc. It is not an offense to praise the article and say “Nice post”. But, it will put more value on your comment when you add some words telling Why the post is Nice or Great.

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Without commenting on other blogs it is not possible to build the reputation and be a successful blogger. But it is not a good idea to treat commenting as a ‘Strategy for building Backlinks’, rather one should try to get himself engaged with others through comment system.

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  1. Thanks for this informative post. Glad to see an assamese guy making this type of informative website. If you have enough time; please write in assamese language too because this type of websites is rare in assamese language.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely try to write in Assamese in a separate subdomain.

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