Niche Oriented Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2019

Affiliate Marketing Tips 2019

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money blogging, If you are beginners then you must try affiliate marketing because it’s one of the most popular and lucrative ways to earn money from your blog or website.

Many pro bloggers are using Affiliate marketing to the highest potential and are making a huge pile of dollars, and they claim that there is no other monetization method with pays as good as Affiliate marketing.

I truly believe this and have seen the potential. In this post, I am going to share the best affiliate marketing tips, tricks, and techniques for beginners so that they can start making more money from their blogging efforts.

Before going into the actual tips and tricks let me first explain you the basics. Especially, if you are a beginner or newbie to the internet marketing business. Guy’s this is the post I am sure that you will love it and if you implement all the below-mentioned tips and techniques then surely you will see your income reports start to creep up.

Without much wandering let’s get into the details and explore more about Affiliate marketing and its benefits.

What is Affiliate Marketing (Definition)

Affiliate marketing is a technique by which you promote other merchant’s products and services through an online medium that may be your blog, your website, social media or to your email list through your affiliate link.

So whenever any visitor or the user clicks on your affiliate link and visits the merchant website and purchases their product or services, then you will be credited by a certain amount of commission.

There are affiliate programs like CPA( cost per action), CPL ( Cost per lead). These terms are self-explanatory, but if you are a beginner, then these terms might not get into your head. But, no worries, I am here to explain you everything about Affiliate marketing.

CPA – Cost per action is that your visitor needs to do something like purchase a product or sign up for their membership.

CPL – Cost per lead is similar to CPA, but this doesn’t require you to make a sale. There are programs which are offering a referral bonus to their affiliates, and they want more and more users to sign up for their services and this type of offer is called as CPL.

Why Affiliate Marketing is Best for Beginners

Earlier when I was a complete newbie, I did not know much about Affiliate marketing and the various tips, tricks, and techniques which nowadays many pro bloggers are using it to the fullest potential to make a substantial income from their blogs.

I was only using Google AdSense on all my blogs, but the problem was that for my niche blogs it was working absolutely brilliant but for blogs in another niche which were more oriented to tech-savvy users the income from Google AdSense was not that satisfactory.

In fact, most of the time it was really disappointing to see the dashboard and get discouraged to see only a few pennies into my AdSense account.

Then as I continued to learn more about blogging and make money online stuff I learned more and more and became smarter than ever before.

I used to read income reports of many popular bloggers in my niche, and I found that majority of pro bloggers are using affiliate marketing as their number one monetization method.

And when I go cherry picking from where they are making money I got to know that they are using affiliate marketing and promoting other merchants and advertisers product and services and most crucial fact for Google AdSense was no way near the competition.

And the contribution of Google Adsense or any other ways was below what they were making through affiliate marketing.

So, this shows that Affiliate marketing is the way to go and if you are a beginner and struggling to make money from your blog, then you must seriously steer your way towards Affiliate marketing because this will really pay your hard work and efforts which you have put in your blog.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

If you are thinking to start promoting affiliate products, which is great and I highly recommend this. Let’s see the major benefits of Affiliate marketing and why it’s considered as the best way to make money from your blog or website.

  • You don’t need to have your own product. You can choose thousands of products to promote on your blog and make money by earning commissions.
  • You don’t need to do any investment to start affiliate marketing like you don’t need any particular software or application. You just have to grab your affiliate link and promote like crazy on your blog, website, social media, and offline marketing, etc.
  • You plant the seeds and reap the benefits for many years in the future. You just have to put your affiliate links once in your articles, and you don’t have to bother about them, but you need to make sure in future that your affiliate links are working and not broken.
  • You can make money on autopilot. You just have to review the product or services once, rank them good in search results and you can make a good amount of money via affiliate commissions.

The main objective of this post is to share all the critical and the best Affiliate marketing tips and techniques for beginners so that they can understand and see the potential of this great money making method.

In this post, I will share the best tips and tricks which will make sure that your efforts don’t go into the trash, and you make the most of your precious time invested in Affiliate marketing.

Best Affiliate Marketing Tips and Techniques For Beginners

#1 Niche Selection and Stay Focused

This is one of the most important tips for beginners if you are just starting to do affiliate marketing. Niche or topic selection is the factor which will decide how much you can make money with affiliate marketing.

I have seen many beginner bloggers who are just in hurry to get their hands into affiliate marketing. The biggest mistake they commit is they focus on every topic which is under the sun and try to promote 100’s of products from irrelevant niches, and the result is that they ultimately fail to make money with Affiliate marketing.

To cut short, you must do niche affiliate marketing which means that promote products and services which are highly relevant and of utmost importance to your readers and this will definitely skyrocket your affiliate earnings seriously.

To give you a better example here is suppose you are in the niche of blogging and internet marketing then you can do well by promoting WordPress themes, plugins, blogging tools and services but if you start promoting health care or weight loss products on your blog, then I am damn sure that you will fail.

So never do this stick to your niche and promote only relevant products to your readers.

#2 Solve Your Readers Problems

This is the biggest secret to making money with Affiliate marketing, you need to understand the problems of your readers, what problem they are facing, how you can find an affiliate product, which will take all your readers problems and make their lives easy.

Guys, if you succeed to excel this technique, then I vouch that you will definitely get excellent rewards because not only your readers will appreciate your efforts to address their problems but also they will buy your recommended products.

Why does this work? Because, you are helping them to get rid of their problems by referring them to the best products, and your efforts will pay off.

Internet users have become smarter, they know whether you are trying to help them or trying to take their money away. If you genuinely help them, they will not hesitate to buy the products through your referral links.

#3 No Hard Selling Techniques

I know that you are excited to promote your first affiliate product on your blog and make quick cash, and you have done all guns blazing to promote that product in the best possible way you can. Well, that is good! you must! But keep one thing in mind, never do hard selling as these techniques will not work.

Hard selling will simply ruin your credibility, and your readers will pick this trick that you are simply making them buy this product.
Never ask them to buy any product. You must always recommend them to be their mentor, guide them, teach them, show them the best way to XYZ, etc. But a big no to hard selling.

If you politely recommend them good products and services, I am sure that they will definitely pay attention to what you are recommending to them and this will do wonders for your Affiliate marketing campaigns.

If you follow the top affiliate marketers on the internet then you will come to know that, this is the technique which they are using to make loads of affiliate sales.

It’s geared more towards the human psychology if you pretend to ask the readers to buy they will not buy most of the times, but if you genuinely recommend them they will think about checking the program and chances are way more than you will make the affiliate sales.

#4 Trust Factors Is the Game Changer

The simplest formula to become successful in Affiliate marketing is to gain your reader’s trust. If you are able to do this then there is no way that you will not make handsome amount of money.

Try to help your readers not only for the sake of making money, try to help them as you are their friend. Show them the solutions to their problems by writing top notch articles on your blog and I am damn sure about this trick that it will work for you no matter you are a newbie blogger or pro blogger.

I have seen many beginner bloggers who just start to pitch affiliate products to their readers without gaining their trust and this is not the best way to go after.

How it sounds, you have written one blog post and on the very first post, you are forcing your readers to buy the product. If you are one of them then stop doing this right away.

First, try to win their trust factor and build some authority and credibility in your niche then you will see how easy is to earn affiliate income without hard selling.

#5 Follow 2:1 Rule For Success

You are a bit confused, right? Let me explain further. 2:1 means you will publish two informational or how to articles on your blog followed by one affiliate promotion article on your blog.

This strategy is great. Not only it will help your readers to visit your blog regularly, but also you will earn credibility and authority in your niche at the same time you will make affiliate earnings.

Guys, if you will follow this rule of affiliate marketing then you will never get disappointed and will easily make money keeping your visitors interested to visit your blog regularly.

This trick can be a deadly weapon for beginners. why? Let me demonstrate you.

You promote two informative articles on your blog which most of the readers love to read. They will become your regular readers since you are publishing information and how to articles on your blog regularly and thus they will become your loyal readers.

Whenever you will publish your new blog post they will know that you have something new and interesting on your blog and they will visit.
The game changer trick – Now you promote 1 affiliate promotion article on your blog with the same theme of how to XYZ or ABC, then since they are your regular visitors they will come to your blog, read the articles and click on your affiliate link and you may be able to make a sale.

Let the decision be on your readers. If they like it they will buy it right away or if they need some time they can buy afterward, but your job is done, folks.

Most of the affiliate programs have a certain cookie window period say 30 or 60 days and if your readers buy the products say 20 days after clicking your affiliate link the sale will be yours. Great! Isn’t it?

#6  Write Honest Reviews

If you are looking to buy something online which you have never come across and had very few knowledge about that product then I am sure that the first thing you do is head on Google and search for the reviews.

You want to know what other users are thinking about the same product, you want to know the pro’s and con’s of the product, which is really worth your money.

You want to make sure that you are investing your money on the right products and services and here, the product reviews comes in handy and you can take the benefits of these techniques.

You have to simply write honest product or services review on your blog or website related to your niche only. This is very important, don’t review products just for the sake that other bloggers are promoting that and making good money.

This is quite dangerous, not only you will fail to make money, but also you will lose your loyal readers by promoting irrelevant products. Now it’s clear, why I have chosen Niche topic as the very first point in this article.

#7 Your Real Money is In the List

How many times you have heard this term? And, I believe that many times if you are into internet marketing. Especially when I was a beginner to blogging and internet marketing I used to come across these terms very often.

I used to think why the hell all these internet gurus and affiliate marketers are praising this phrase but now I come to know that they are absolutely right and yes indeed the money in the list.

So, if you have not started to build your email list, start doing it now because, the more email subscribers you have, the more money you can make by sending them the newsletter or pitching them special discounts.

#8 Choose Best Affiliate Networks

When you will become amateur with affiliate marketing, you will find that you are signing in to a lot of affiliate programs and keeping track of all these affiliates is very time consuming and daunting task.

So here I would recommend you to join the best affiliate networks which will save a lot of your precious time and headaches remembering all the affiliate products you signed up for.

These networks make sure that the sales are counted every time and will also provide you with in-depth stats and income reports. This is very important and you can monitor which affiliate products is doing really great and which products are simply wasting your time.

I would highly recommend you to go for Shareasale affiliate network. They are in this market since 2000 and there are more than 70k merchants listed in their marketplace. So you must join ShareASale right away.

However, there are other affiliate networks like commission junction, Amazon affiliates etc but I highly suggest you, go for ShareASale affiliate network due to the reputation they have gained as the genuine affiliate marketing network.

#9 A/ B Testing Is the Must

This technique is the must to follow for any beginner affiliate marketer because there is no point in sticking to an affiliate product which is not converting well on your blog or making only few penny sales.

You must try and test different product and stick with the products which give you the best conversion and better ROI.

Stick to the product does not mean that you have to promote only that product. You must promote different useful products to your audience but my point here is that dump the product which is not paying your efforts and try a different product.

So, this is it. I tried to share the best affiliate marketing tips, tricks, and techniques with you and if you are beginners then I request you to follow all the above-mentioned tips and tricks and surely you will become a successful affiliate marketer.

I hope you like this post. Please do not hesitate to share with your friends and other fellow bloggers who are struggling or want to start affiliate marketing. This guide will help them for sure.

I will keep updating this post with more affiliate marketing tips and techniques. So don’t forget to subscribe to get more awesome money making tips.

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