The Power of Quality Backlinks for your Blog/Website

Quality Backlinks are too important for your Blog/Website. It influences your websites reputation, ranking, traffic etc. Quality backlinks improve your website’s reputation, ranking. On the other hand, a poor backlink can do the reverse effect. Therefore always be careful while creating a backlink for your Blog/Website. There are too many online services claiming that, they can provide automatic quality backlinks for free. Most of them are traffic exchanges. But practically those are nothing but wastage of your valuable time. You can obviously spend 15-20 minutes of time for building quality backlinks for your Blog/Website manually. In this tutorial, I am going to give you some tips for quality backlinks,

Quality Backlinks

Tip 1: Commenting on Blogs for Quality Backlinks

You can build quality backlink by commenting on blogs. But be careful while commenting on blogs. Do not comment blindly. Always avoid short comments like “Nice Post”, “Good Post” etc. The blog authors will not publish those types of comments. So your efforts will go in vain.

Where to Comment?

  • Leave comments on those blogs with higher ranks.
  • Comment only on ‘dofollow’ blogs. Commenting on ‘nofollow’ blogs are just waste of time.
  • Search for ‘CommentLuv’ & ‘KeywordLuv’ enabled blogs. Comment on those blogs.
Finding DoFollow Blog
  • Google search can give you lots of DoFollow blogs link. Skip the out of date results.
  • Here is a list of some DoFollow blogs: List
  • Download & install Alexa Toolbar. Here you will find related links.

Finding CommentLuv & KeywordLuv Blogs 

Search in Google as bellow

1. Your Search Keyword “CommentLuv”

2. Your Search Keyword “KeywordLuv”

Tip 2: Forum Commenting for Quality Backlinks

There are various online Forums where you can participate in various discussions. In these forums, when you comment to put your signature below your comments. The signature you use must have your website link. These forums are very popular. So, you will get quality backlinks from your comments with signature. But again, always make an attractive comment.

Top Ten Forums for Quality Backlinks

  1. V7n Forum
  2. Digital Point Forum
  3. Sitewoners Forum
  4. HTML Forum
  5. Joomla Forum
  6. Warrior Forum
  7. Site Point Forum
  8. SEO Forum
  9. CNET Forum
  10. Search Engine Watch Forum

Tip 3: Answering on Question Answers Site for Quality Backlinks

There are also various question answer sites where a user can ask about something & you can deliver a suitable answer for that. Search on these sites questions about your site’s niche. Be careful while answering. Answers must be suitable enough so that it can convince that you are not advertising about your Blog/Website. Else, your answers will be voted down.
Top 3 Question Answer Sites:
  1. Ask
  2. Yahoo Answers
  3. Quora

Tip 4: Social Networking Sites for Quality Backlinks

Nowadays the use of Social Networking can really change your Websites reputation. There are plenty of social networking sites with millions of users. So, you must promote your website on these Social Networking Sites for quality backlinks.
  • Always put Share This Article on Social Networks link to your posts.
  • Make a Page on these sites about your website & promote those pages.
  • You can also invest a little on Facebook for promoting your Page for better results.
  • Update these pages after you publish a new article.
  • Write content that is unique in its own style and that has got the power to attract a large audience, young audience, who will be responsible for the viral spread of the article.
These way you can build some Quality Backlinks. Always remember, in order to climb to a higher rank with lots of traffic you will need plenty of Quality Backlinks. Stop using traffic exchanges for low-quality traffic & backlinks. Rather try these fruitful methods.

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