What People Search for : The Most Popular Keywords

Popular Keywords

Everyday a large volume of visitors to a successful website comes from Search Engines. Therefore choosing a keyword that is effective enough to acquire a decent amount of traffic from Search Engines is too important for smooth running of a website or blog. But, how it is possible to track the most popular keywords? Almost all popular search engines provide information about the query stream to discover the most popular keywords, trends etc. These methods can show popular searched term in terms of real-time as well as in archived form.

Auto-complete Option in Google Search Engine

When someone try to search on Google and start typing some letters or words, similar searched queries are offered just below the search box to help finding out the desired search query. Google algorithm keeps track of every search made on it. Therefore, it offers other search terms which was previously searched by someone regarding the same keyword a person trying to search for. The best way to use this Auto-Complete feature is to use a different browser with all history erased so that to remove your personal queries that are automatically stored in the browser cache.

Google Trends

Google Trends allows to find the most popular keywords by geographical region, by language, by category and many more. Google Trends has been storing data from 2004 onward.  It also offers the Hot Searches option which reflects the most popular keyword or topic in real-time.

Bing Trends

Bing Trends offers the most popular search terms of the previous year. It offers information regarding top queries made during the previous year in terms of various categories like songs, movies, sports, social networks etc.

AOL Search Trends

AOL Search Trends offers most popular search terms in hourly as well as daily basis. It is the most simple way to find out the popular keywords in real time.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google AdWords Keyword Planner, formerly known as Keyword Tool is a powerful tool to research the most effective keywords for a business. Using this anyone can get search volumes for a list of keywords, estimate traffic for a keyword, combine keywords to create an effective keyword.

Twitter Search Option

Twitter Search Option allows to track what keyword is trending on twitter platform. It reflects the data about the trending topic by either Hash-tag or username. The Advanced Search option has more features with which one can customize the search query by choosing various options like words, people, hashtag, feedback etc.

Ask.com Interesting Queries

Ask.com offers a search information and top searched terms in weekly basis on its Interesting Queries page. It is the list of most popular search terms each week based on millions of Ask.com searches.

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