WPX Hosting Review 2023 – Is It Really Outstanding?

WPX Hosting Review

If you are an active web host user, you must be hearing some positive reviews about WPX Hosting for the last couple of years. Someone is praising its speed, while someone is influenced by their support.

Hey, even their TrustPilot rating is a whopping 4.9. It’s obvious that pouring millions into marketing can bring a huge amount of positive reviews. But, in the case of WPX Hosting, the scenario might be something different as it is a new hosting provider as compared to the hosting giants like Bluehost and SiteGround.

I have read several WPX Hosting reviews that talk about their superior loading speed, fabulous support, and good pricing options.

Is WPX Hosting is good enough or just overhyped in order to draw commissions from their affiliate program? Do these positive reviews mean that WPX Hosting is a reliable service and a good fit for your project?

Review Summary: WPX Hosting is a superfast Managed WordPress Hosting provider with an energetic team to help you solve any issues regarding its services. Despite being a Managed WordPress Host, WPX hosting prices are affordable.

Top 10 Reasons to Cosider WPX Hosting for your next WordPress Projet,

  1. Blazing Fast Servers
  2. Competitive Uptime Guarantee
  3. Unlimited Free WordPress Site Migration
  4. Unlimited Email Accounts
  5. WPX Cloud CDN with 26 Edge Locations
  6. Daily Backup of Your Sites
  7. Robust Security: Free Malware Scanning and Removal
  8. Free Domain WHOIS Privacy
  9. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  10. Superior support

Let’s dig further and intensively test WPX Hosting and its services. In this WPX Hosting review, I am considering the most essential features a web host should provide to get the best out of your online career.

What is WPX Hosting? – Its Background

WPX Hosting was founded in 2013 by Terry Kyle, an entrepreneur, and dog lover. And the name suggests, it is truly dedicated to the WordPress platform. Comparatively new but promising Managed WordPress hosting provider.  It has been evolving rapidly by expanding its data centers to three major locations namely Chicago, London, and Sydney. Its headquarter is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The best thing about WPX Hosting is that, unlike other hosting providers, it is not just filling their pockets. They are also supporting a social and noble cause. WPX Hosting runs an extraordinary project called ‘Every Dog Matters‘, which provides daily food and shelter to over 500 homeless dogs and cats. So, being a customer makes you a part of their noble cause.

What Products Does WPX Hosting Offer?

WPX hosting is a dedicated Managed WordPress Hosting provider, which provides cloud-based hosting services for WordPress users. Apart from that they also provide a domain name registry service.

Though WPX Hosting is not the cheapest domain name registrar, it seems more convenient for a website owner to manage domain and hosting within the same dashboard.

WPX Hosting Plans and Pricing

WPX Hosting does not provide enormous discounts during the first year like other leading hosting providers such as Bluehost or SiteGround, but, their hosting plans are quite affordable and reasonable too. This also eliminates the high risk associated with the higher renewal rates.

By the way, you are still eligible for up to a 15% discount if paid for a yearly subscription. Let’s check WPX Hosting prices as well as features at a glance so that you can easily compare and decide.

  Business Professional Elite
No. of Websites 5 15 35
Storage 10GB 20GB 40GB
Bandwidth 100GB 200GB Unlimited
WPX Cloud CDN Yes Yes Yes
Site Migrations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Privacy Free Free Free
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Manual Backups Yes Yes Yes
Automatic System Backup Yes Yes Yes
Malware Scanning and Removal Free Free Free
DDoS Protection Yes Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Subscription Price (Monthly) $24.99 $49.99 $99.00

Discounted Price

(2 Months Free)

$22.83/Mo $41.58/Mo $83.25/Mo

The Business Plan is good if you have less than 5 blogs or websites and 10GB of storage is enough for your project. Makes sense for bloggers like me.

With the Professional Plan, you will be able to host up to 15 websites with 20GB of storage. Perfect for projects having multiple websites.

The Elite Plan is suitable for those looking for higher performance. You will have unlimited bandwidth with this plan along with 40GB of storage and up to 35 Websites to host.

WPX Hosting Pros and Cons



  • Cheaper Managed WordPress Hosting as compared to other leading competitors.
  • Unlimited website migration service.
  • Daily backup of your WordPress Site.
  • WPX Cloud CDN with 26 global edge locations is free with every plan.
  • Free protection from DoS and DDoS attacks.
  • 30-Days Trial – If you don’t like their services, get your money back within 30 days.
  • WPX Hosting support has been praised everywhere – they claim to maintain 30 Sec average live chat response time.
  • Free Malware scanning and removal – Most hosting services charge a huge amount.
  • No free domain names
  • Lack of phone support.
  • Staging environment take up a slot in the total sites included with your plan.

WPX Hosting Performance Test

The first thing to consider while choosing a web host is its performance in Loading Speed, Uptime, and Load Impact. In this section of WPX Hosting Review, I will show you the results found while testing its performance.

WPX Hosting Speed Test

WPX Hosting has claimed to be the world’s fastest WordPress host. And, interestingly almost every hosting provider does this. So, rather than believing blindly, it’s better to test.

Keeping in mind the trending reviews regarding WPX Hosting’s superior speed, I have tested a site with a typical setup using Pingdom and the result I found is as below,

Location Loading Speed
North America – USA – Washington DC 965 ms
Europe – United Kingdom – London 926 ms
Pacific – Australia – Sydney 1.06 s
Asia – Japan – Tokyo 989 ms
South America – Brazil – São Paulo 1.02 s
WPX Hosting Speed Test
WPX Hosting Speed Test Results

From the above results, we can conclude that the loading speed is quite impressive. The test site has been tested from 5 different server locations and found to be loaded within 1 minute.

Load Impact Test

A website’s loading speed may perform well if the website is comparatively new with little or no traffic. So only doing Pingdom or GTMetrix speed test might not reveal the actual performance scenario. As the traffic rises, the performance may deteriorate.

Therefore it is important to test whether a website remains stable with the increase in traffic or not.

I have tested the test site with 50 Virtual Users for 10 minutes and found the result as follows,

Load Impact Test - WPX Hosting Review

Here the grey line is the number of active users and the blue line is the server response time. You can see that the server response time remains almost stable even in peak traffic, i.e. 50 virtual users. Overall 23,710 requests are made within 10 minutes and the average response time is recorded as 16ms with 39 requests/sec.

You can compare this with the load impact test done for SiteGround Hosting and check the difference. Maintaining a 16ms average response time is really impressive, which is far better than SiteGround.

Other Top Features of WPX Hosting

As we have seen above, WPX Hosting reviews about its superior SPEED are not overhyped. From the performance point of view, we can conclude that it is a nice selection if you need a super-fast website at an affordable cost.

Besides, to give the final verdict we need to check other features as well. In this section of the WPX Hosting Review, I am going to discuss the essential features that a good web host should have.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Uptime plays a vital role in determining the performance of a website. No matter how fast your website is, if the server goes down frequently, that will have a negative impact on your website’s reputation and traffic. With more downtime, you are likely to lose your search rankings and traffic as well.

WPX Hosting is backed up with a 99.95% Uptime guarantee. Well, it is obviously not the best in the industry, as some of the web hosts offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Besides, 99.95% is still in the competitive range. A 99.95% uptime can be concluded with 4.5 hours of downtime in a year, which is indeed a mediocre range.

Free Website Migration Service

If you are an existing website owner, migrating a site to a new host may become a headache if you do not have prior experience. Though there are plenty of plugins available for WordPress site migration, a free website migration service could be more helpful for the smooth transfer of your sites.

Free Migration

WPX hosting provides unlimited free website migration services, regardless of the number or size of the sites that need to be moved. You just need to open a support ticket stating your hosting account login details and the WordPress admin login details for the site/s you would like to move. The website migration normally takes up to 24 hours.

Unlimited Free Email Accounts

WPX hosting provides a free and basic email hosting service to its customers. You can create your domain-specific email ids as many as you need. However, you need to be careful while choosing the preferred data quota, as it will consume from the total disk space available against your hosting account.

If you are a heavy business email user, it is advisable to use a third-party email solution like GSuite or Zoho. You can also use email forwarders to receive emails on another email account, such as your Gmail account.

WPX Cloud CDN with 26 Edge Locations

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) improves the performance of your website by caching and serving it from different locations around the world. WPX Hosting is integrated with its own superfast, and hand-built CDN with 26 edge locations around the world.

WPX Cloud CDN is free with all WPX Hosting customers across all plans and it is turned ON by default. It is a major factor behind the superior performance of the sites hosted on WPX Hosting servers.

Daily WordPress Backup

WPX Hosting keeps daily backups of your sites hosted on it. The backup files are stored for 28 days. The daily backups are stored on separate servers and they do no take up the disk space allotted against your plan.

You can access the backup files from the Backup Manager. And if you need you can even create a personal backup at any time and download it from the backup manager.

Free Unlimited SSL

An SSL certificate encrypts all traffic that goes through your website and ensures that sensitive information like login credentials and payment details remains protected. It is essential as Chrome, Firefox, and many other browsers have begun issuing warnings that non-HTTPS sites are insecure. It also improves your SEO rankings.

For the sites hosted on WPX Hosting, you do not need to purchase SSL certificates separately. It includes free Let’s Encrypt Standard SSL certificates with each hosting plan.

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are ready to install for all the sites added at WPX. However, you need to enable it manually from the Websites section on your dashboard.

Robust Security: Free Malware Scanning and Removal

With almost 4.72 billion internet users in the world, this virtual world is full of hackers and spammers. Being a website owner you must be aware of the security measures for your website.

Fortunately, WPX Hosting is equipped with robust security measures to prevent damages and losses from these unfair means. Unlike some leading hosting providers, WPX hosting doesn’t charge extra by selling third-party security solutions like Sucuri. Rather, WPX Hosting cleans malware from all WPX servers daily.

WPX hosting also provides free Enterprise-level DDoS protection to all WPX Hosting customers. This protection service is powered by Incapsula, a leading DDoS security solution. Incapsula normally charges $299 per month for the Business Plan, including DDoS Protection, but with WPX hosting, you can have it for free.

Free Domain WHOIS Privacy

Unlike other domain registrars, WPX Hosting does not charge extra for providing domain privacy. It provides free Domain Privacy with supported domain types. If you purchase a domain from WPX Hosting, it automatically grants free WHOIS Privacy for a lifetime.

However, if you transfer a domain from another registrar, Domain Privacy may or may not be enabled, depending on how your domain was set up before transferring it to WPX Hosting.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

WPX Hosting is backed up with 30 days money-back guarantee. During your first 30 days, if you think it is not up to your expectations, you can have all your money back.

There are good reasons to be wary of the new potential host, but there are also reasons why it might be worth trying a new web host. You have nothing to lose by giving them a try. If they turn out to be a poor fit for your needs, you can easily switch back to your previous provider and get your money back.

WPX Hosting Support and KnowledgeBase

Customer support is more than just providing answers; it’s an important part of the promise a brand makes to its customers. No matter how great their product is, if a company is unable to serve their customers when they need help then that is of no use.

WPX hosting has been praised everywhere for its superior support system. They claim to respond within 30 seconds in their Live Chat option. Though they do not have phone support, the available options are more than enough. Their support is knowledgeable and always ready to help you solve your issues.

WPX Hosting Support

Apart from the support system, WPX Hosting also has a large number of knowledge base articles at their site, which can answer your doubts and help you solve various common issues.

WPX Hosting Review: Do I Recommend It?

A website’s success depends upon the quality and speed of the host. With the rapid increase in WordPress users, hosting companies are paying more attention to WordPress-optimized hosting services.  Despite being a newcomer in the hosting industry, WPX Hosting has able to make a remarkable footprint.

Being a blogger or an online entrepreneur you might be aware of the fact that how the speed of a website has a direct impact on search engine visibility and conversion. No one likes a slow website. Your valuable customers will leave your site if your site fails to load within 3 seconds. And this is the main reason why everyone is praising WPX Hosting. From the speed test results, you have noticed that it loads within 1 second.

Yes, I do recommend WPX Hosting.

It is an affordable and superfast Managed WordPress Hosting provider with an energetic team to help you solve any issues regarding its services. It takes care of your website’s speed with a pocket-friendly service.

Were you looking for an affordable, reliable WordPress hosting provider? Then WPX Hosting is the best companion you can have on your website as it provides Managed WordPress hosting services. While most of the people are used to managing their own WordPress, some aren’t comfortable with it so they would prefer using a managed service. Aside from providing extensive support for setting up & configuring your domain, WPX Hosting also offers free migration along with 24/7 expert support.

If you are just starting out or thinking of upgrading your host, this WPX Hosting Review might help you in this regard.

If you have used WPX Hosting before, please leave your valuable review of it in the comments section. If this review helped you, please do not hesitate to recommend it to others by sharing.

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